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 McCormick Deering motors from Chicago Illinois U.S.A

This antique type motor was built by McCormick Deering Company, International Harvester Company of Chicago Illinois U.S.A. from 1934 till 1948. The assembly of these engines was done in the mechanic workshop located at 1714 Bruce Street, Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Moteur McCormick Deering

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Moteur McCormick Deering

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These antique motors were used by farmers, the industry and the industry at large, farmers and individuals from 1934 to 1948 to operate either water pumps, vacuums pumps for milking cows, saw benches, potato diggers, hay press,  milk coolers for milkers, cream separator, cement making machines, chemical sprayers,  pumps for fuel wells and many others uses.

 This type of antique motor was not a commonly called  hit and miss  type, meaning controlled by an exterior governs. Also called a pouf-pouf or paff-paff.

This type of stationary engine worked with an intern controlling system to control the gas throttle.  Normally these motors were gas fed but certain models operated with gas to start and then transferred to kerosene. There also existed a natural gas model.