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Many different carburetor models were used on the International Harvester engines type LA and LB. The most common one being the gas carburetor that worked by suction. The gravity fed carburetor for kerosene and natural gas carburetor also existed and it had a pressure control. The industry and certain merchants used natural gas for their motors.

All of these carburetors were used on 1½-2½ HP and 3-5 HP engines.



Air filter 

The International Harvester (McCormick Deering) stationary engines type 1½-2½ HP and 3-5HP often carried an air filter, especially when working in a dusty environment. This type of air filter worked in an oil bath.





The first International Harvester (McCormick Deering) motors type LA 1½-2½ HP and LA 3-5 HP, were equipped with high tension rotary magnets (Wico H 192 A. and AH 212).

Few years later, these 2 types of motor worked with high tension rotary magnets as well (Wico AH 192 A.)

Later on, International Harvester Company installed on their LB 1½-2½ Hp and 3-5 HP engine models  their own rotary magnets, called H-1 reduced tension


Spark arrester

To prevent the spread of sparks on the hay or dust and therefore avoid a fire in the hay press or the grain binder, (McCormick Deering) International Harvester installed in replacement of the exhaust pipe of the motor, a spark arrester.





Depending on the type of equipment used for the International Harvester stationary engines, they could change the size of the pulley from a 3 inch diameter to a 10 inch one. They would choose the width depending on the equipment’s revolution as to obtain the best revolution possible according to the maker’s recommendation.



The clutch was used on the International Harvester 1½-2½ HP engines as well as on the 3-5 HP engines. Its purpose was to activate or deactivate the functioning machinery.




To facilitate the cooling of the water in the motor’s water tank and therefore prevent overheating of the motor that were often used in extreme heat and at full capacity, International Harvester would install on top of the motor a radiator equipped with a blower. This type of apparel was used on the hay press and could be equipped with an air filter and a spark arrested.


Auxiliary water hopper

After using the stationary engines, the hot water found in the motor blocks was used to wash the milking machine, the hoses and its tools. If more than 2 gallons of hot water was necessary for cleaning the equipment, they could install a different size extension on top of the motor to increase the quantity of the hot water tank.

These auxiliary water hoppers were optional on the International Harvester stationary engines of 1½-2½ HP and 3-5 HP.


Moteur McCormick avec un réservoir plus grand


Kerosene and gaz tank

The International Harvester (McCormick Deering) stationary engines of 1½-2½ HP were equipped with a gas tank placed under the motor between the two (2) skids. The motor cylinder would suck the gas to the carburetor by suction.

For the kerosene motors, a round-shape tank was installed on top of the motor where gravity would bring down the fuel to the carburetor.  

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